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Emergency treatment

Tooth emergencies can occur at any time. Whether a tooth causes you pain from a small crack to a large cavity, our office is ready to help you.  
Our office staff will promptly schedule you, usually on the same day. We will diagnose your condition and perform treatment to address the source of your problem and alleviate your symptoms. 
Emergency treatment can often include, but not limited to the following procedures:​
  • Root canal therapy, which involves removing the nerve(pulp) from the tooth. Modern advances, such as rotary endodontics, allow us to perform this treatment painlessly and bring immediate relief to the patient. Most importantly, we are able to retain the tooth so that the patient can function in chewing foods.
  • Tooth extraction, which will be performed using painless anesthetic techniques. We will also offer options for tooth replacement, such as implants, bridges and dentures
  • Periodontal treatments to remove infection from the gingiva(gum).
  • Diagonsis and treatment of TMJ(temporomandibular joint) pain that may be linked to parafunctional habits such as tooth grinding or clenching.
  • Adjustments to dentures or other prosthetics that become ill-fitting.  
        We offer Same Day Denture repair service schedule permitting
If you are experiencing any discomfort, please contact our office and we will schedule you an appointment within 24 hours!
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