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Financial Questions?

Our office participates with most PPO insurance plans.
Although we do not participate with DMO(capitation) plans, 
we will always provide for patients with these plans a free examination and X ray for any emergencies or consultations. 
If you do not have insurance, no worries!  
We will also provide you a free exam and X ray and offer financial options for treatment.
One option our office offers is an IN OFFICE PLAN which allows our patients to receive our excellent dental care at a discounted rate.
The PLAN offers you:
  • Two dental cleanings per year​
  •  One fluoride treatment for patients 12 and under
  • ALL dental xrays
  • 15% off the cost of filings, extractions, and periodontal(gum treatment)
  • $100.00 off the cost of root canals, bridges, full and partial dentures
The PLAN is effective for 1 year at a cost of only $190.00 for the guarantor, $180.00 for the spouse, and $160.00 for the children. If you come in every six months, as is recommended by the American Dental Association, this plan costs less than half of our usual price!

We also offer FINANCING through CareCredit with 0% interest, as another financial option. 

If you are interested, or have any financial questions whatsoever, please call our staff at
(215) 338-4345 for further information and start saving today!
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